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22,000L – 2500 THOR


22,000L –  2500 CFM Thor – Vacuum Tanker Truck

Introducing VTIs new Vacuum Tanker Truck range. The 22,000L – 2500 CFM Thor sets a new benchmark to Australian vacuum truck manufacturing. This unit is designed and manufactured to handle large-scale liquid and sludge clean ups, most commonly used in sewer and septic system maintenance and industrial and municipal settings to suck water and debris left from hydro-excavation or drilling jobs.

Equipped with a massive 22,000L spoil tank, additional 2000L water tank and powerful Jurop 2500cfm blower, this unit can suck, clear and carry mass amounts of materials, fast and effectively to meet the challenging demands of large projects and sites.

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6300L Vacuum Excavation Truck

22,000L Vacuum Tanker Truck

Technical Specifications

Power Pack

  • CAT 4.4 engine – 142 HP diesel engine
  • Jurop Helix 750 air inducted high mercury – 2500cfm (28” Hg)
  • Blower and water pump hydraulically driven – no belts or pulleys.
  • Vacuum relief fitted for safety and compliance
  • Comet TW8036 water pump – 32l/m at 3600psi
  • 120ltr Hydraulic tank with dual 23” oil coolers
  • Large composite silencer for noise abatement
  • Power pack sand blasted and painted colour of choice
  • Acoustic insulation on power pack panels and doors
  • Day (high) and night (low) option for blower operation
  • Danfos PVG32 proportional control valve

Skel Trailer

  • Triaxle skel trailer with air suspension – 41-foot total length
  • Drum Brake Axles
  • Alloy rims
  • Bolt on guards
  • Load Scales fitted to triaxle group
  • Aluminium hose trays 
  • Under body tank safety prop integrated into skel trailer


  • 2000L capacity
  • Water tank baffled in front of spoils tank
  • 2″ stainless steel water fill system
  • Water level sight indicator

Spoil Tank

  • 22,000L spoil tank with 2000L water integrated at front of tank

  • Spoil tank AS1210 – Class “C” designed and built – 8mm thickness

  • 3 x Internal baffles in spoil tank
  • Spoil tank door inlet/outlet valve protection bar
  • Spoil tank door sampling tap
  • Spoil tank sand blasted (class 2.5), epoxy primed and polyurethane painted
  • Jurop style locks
  • Door opening cylindered with centre ove valves –
    • 6” inlet (suction) with BSP brass gate valve
    • 6” outlet (drain) with BSP pneumatic Knife valve
  • Spoil tank stainless discharge chute


  • Multi-stage front mount hoist with safety valve
  • Danfoss PVG valve


  • Comet TW8036 water pump – 32l/m at 3600psi
  • Water pump hydraulic driven
  • 2” Banjo ‘Y’ strainer filter
  • Heavy duty hose reel complete with 25m 3/8 high pressure water hose with quick release fitting.
  • Lances – 1500mm, 2100mm and flexi.
  • PA 0.80 nozzles on lances


  • Jurop Helix 750 air inducted high mercury – 2500cfm (28” Hg)
  • Butterfly travel and relief valves fitted for safety and compliance
  • Day (high) and night (low) option for blower operation


  • Full hydraulic boom assembly and drive with radio remote control. (Painted black)
  • 270-degree slew capability with integrated slew stops
  • 6” boom suction hose
  • 2 x LED work lights mounted at the front of the boom
  • Plug in boom pendant control for override of boom functions


  • 2 x 16 button radio remotes with system emergency shut down functionality.
  • All vac unit operations can be controlled with the radio remote control.
  • Stainless steel control box with manual base controls.
  • Emergency stops fitted in key position on tray
  • Rotating light and work lights fitted to spoil tank at the rear
  • LED taillights and reverse squawker
  • Quality Deutsch plugs utilised for all electrical wiring connections


  • 2 x washable baghouse filters accessible from the ground
  • Stainless steel baghouse and cyclone assemblies
  • 9kg fire extinguisher with mounting bracket and notification decal
  • 20m x 4” or 5” polyurethane vacuum hose with Travis fittings
  • Access ladder for access to boom turret and harness attachment points.
  • Operational & maintenance manuals and risk assessment supplied

22,000L Vacuum Tanker Truck

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