Vac Truck Range

We don’t mimic the approaches known to some of the most successful manufacturers of the vac truck market, we recreate them.

Why buy a Vac Truck Industries Unit?


The performance of a Vac Truck Industries truck is more than just velocity, airspeed, and suction. You’ll have on-demand power and experience the ultimate in performance through our combined systems that deliver second to none servicing, operating, and safety.

It is these aspects and more, that make up our performance as our team designs and engineers vacuum trucks for the entire operator’s experience.


Our vac trucks use bigger blowers, capable of sucking up heavy materials from deeper depths and longer distances. We combine a level of high mercury content with greater airspeeds and velocity to create a powerful vacuum and flow. It’s this technology that sets VTI apart from more traditional blowers, not capable of sucking up heavy materials that may be present at certain depths and distances. With a VTI truck, not only are you going to dig a lot faster, you’re going to get rid of more bulk material at greater depths and distances, combined with greater tank capacity that all lead to the removal of a greater amount of spoil.


Unexpected downtime can be detrimental, not only on site but to your businesses reputation. That’s why preventive maintenance and aftermarket service are critical aspects of our manufacturing process. Every component of a Vac Truck Industries truck has been thoughtfully constructed, engineered and designed to ensure performance at peak efficiency with all components and parts that make up a truck chosen for longevity.


We design, build and deliver vac trucks with the operator in mind, pushing innovation to create real value at scale and transform the vac truck manufacturing industry altogether. Vac Truck Industries simple and easy to use operating system, allows for quick adaptation and fast application. With a Vac Truck Industries unit, operators will be able to set up faster and get on with the job sooner. Our vac trucks are fully hydraulically driven with the capability to turn everything on and off with a simple press of a button. Compact storage compartments for hoses and equipment provide extra convenience when operating on-site, all fitted and matched to VTI’s unparalleled truck design. This innovative and forward-thinking construction not only makes a VTI truck look good but is also guaranteed to save you time and money, when on the road.


Our trucks are lightweight and ergonomically designed to hold and deliver more. With greater carrying capacity, operators can dig, collect, carry and dispose of spoil in shorter lengths of time. Our weight savings are carried throughout with our teams working cross-functionally on the engineering of each vac trucks design. We focus on the maximum payload, designing each truck from the tank back with every inch mapped out and redesigned with maximum carrying capacity in mind.

In saying all of this, we don’t scrimp on the material thickness of our tank shells. Each tank is constructed at a 10mm thickness with AS1210 – Class C compliance.


Unlike the common stationary engine applications currently known to the vac truck market, our vac trucks utilise only one power source. Utilising the engine of the truck for power not only produces considerable weight savings but also diminishes the time and money needed to servicing two engines.


All vac trucks come complete with all the safety features you’d expect, including beacons, emergency stops, access isolators, fire extinguishers, LED lights, boom lights, side clearance lights and rear aero board lights, so operators are well equipped and visible from every angle. When working at a distance, each vac trucks wireless remote works up to 100 meters away, allowing the operator to have full control at all times.


Vac Truck Industries is an Australian owned OEM manufacturer, providing complete vacuum solutions to the civil construction, electrical, infrastructure, mining, drilling, oil, and gas industries. We operate under a fully documented Quality, OHS, and Environmental Assurance System in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO9001:2016, AS/NZS 4801:2001 and AS/NZS ISO14001:2016 standards.

The vac truck industry is evolving, and so are we.


We aim to keeping you out on the road – and staying there.

Vac Truck Industries well-deserved reputation is backed by our highly skilled and industry-trained team of vac truck specialists who work with the latest tools and vac trucking technology offering a full-service delivery system to our customers. Our vac trucks have been built for fewer servicing requirements. Equipped with basic electronics and hydraulics that can be repaired at any workshop. We deliver tailored solutions that suit your business needs, backed with a 24/7 delivery, maintenance, and repair promise, to ensure minimal downtime, enhanced efficiency, and increased profitability for your truck’s performance.


3000L tank with 1100 or 1500 power combination

The compact footprint of the 3,000L Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck enables this powerhouse to get into tight access area’s that the bigger trucks can’t. With a 3,000L spoil tank capacity and option for a Jurop CT 180 – 1100CFM or 1500CFM blower, this unit is best suited to smaller non-destructive digging operations.

4000L or 4500L tank with 1100 or 1500 power combination

Similar to the 3000L, the 4000L hydro excavation vacuum truck offers the same advantages with a small ergonomic design enabling access to navigate through tight areas. With the option for a larger 4000L or 4500L spoil capacity, this unit is designed for a longer work time.

6300L tank with option for 1500, 2500 or 3770 power combination

The 63000L hydro vacuum excavation truck is the most versatile and popular unit of the vac truck range. Available in three different power combinations, this unit can deliver uncompromised power whilst holding a generous literage of spoil and waste, enabling the operator to navigate between multiple sites all within one day. 

8000L tank with 1500, 2500 or 3770 power combination

The 8000L hydro vacuum excavation truck produces uncompromising reliable power, performance, capability and capacity. Available in three power combinations this unit is designed for large jobs demanding greater suction of heavy materials from deeper depths and longer distances in a faster amount of time. With the added benefit of greater carrying capacity thanks to its 80000L tank, this unit will deliver and outpreform all week long.

10,000L tank with option for 1500, 2500 or 3770 power combination

The 10,000L Hydro Vacuum Excavation Truck is the largest of the vac truck range. Available in three different power combinations, this truck is guaranteed to deliver reliable performance, flexibility and profitability. Allowing for more time on-site and less time to travelling to dispose of waste, this unit was built to deliver faster results, shorter lead times and deliver a higher return on investment for your business.

VAC TRUCK JETTER OPTION – available across all vac truck units

Combining a vacuum truck and jetter provides a powerful and versatile unit that can safely blast through blocked drains, pipes and cut through any debris or tree roots. In combining this option with one of our tank carrying capacities mentioned above, you’ll be equipped to suck, vacuum and carry debris, slurry, water and roots easily with a jetter attachment to help loosen and dislodge. This powerful combination is guaranteed to save you time and money through the combination of machine services.


VTI’s range of vacuum and liquid waste trucks are available to manfucter across a range of power combinations and tank sizes. All are used for the collection, transportion and disposal of both reglated and unregulated wastes.

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