Warthog Nozzle WV 1/4″, Classic ‘B’ Head

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  • Nozzle Pressure: 1200-5000 psi
  • Flow: 19-23 l/m
  • Jet Angle Front: 1 @ 15°
  • Jet Angle Back: 2 @ 55°

The WV-1/4-LK uses StoneAge’s flow-through technology and features a revolutionary high-speed rotating design with no high pressure seals or bearings to service, making it low maintenance. It cleans lines as small as 2” (51 mm) with long sweeping elbows.
The tool has a 1/4” NPT pipe thread inlet and can pass through long radius elbows in lines 2” (51 mm) and larger if you use a 1/4” NPT hose fitting.

  • Rotational speed controlled by pressure/flow
  • Excellent for navigating elbows
  • Clears grease, fat, ice and fine roots


WARNING: Dismantling of Nozzle must be undertaken with WV181 and BA182 Change Out tools. Failure to do this will damage the nozzle head and void warranty.

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SKU: 165 Warthog WV 1/4 B Categories: ,