Join us on the 19th of July at 13 Technology Drive, Arundel, from 9:00am to 12:00pm to see VTI’s combo vac truck in action and watch demonstrations of USB AUS drain cleaning nozzles. As a subsidiary brand of USBDÜSEN (Germany), USB AUS manufactures and supplies a wide range of sewer and pipe cleaning nozzles, root cutters, and special products.

Come see how your operations can benefit from the latest innovative ideas and solutions for your practical applications.

VTI is a proud Australian-owned and operated manufacturer based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Since our inception, we have significantly expanded our operations and, within a few years, have become a major supplier across various industries. VTI is rapidly gaining recognition for its advanced manufacturing practices, delivering Australian-made specialised vacuum trucks to diverse industries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our custom-built vacuum trucks include hydro excavation vacuum systems (vac trucks), high-pressure hydro drain cleaning jetter systems, and liquid waste collection systems (sucker trucks, suction trucks, vacuum suction trucks), all available in a wide range of volume sizes and power capacities.

USB AUS, a subsidiary of the German company USBDÜSEN, founded in 1989, manufactures and supplies sewer and pipe cleaning nozzles, root cutters, and special products. Their products, many of which are patented, are made from stainless steel and are known for their high processing quality, superior cleaning performance, and excellent traction in daily use. Both practical and scientifically based experiences are continually integrated into the development and enhancement of the product range to benefit customers, ensuring a high level of reliability and precision. Efficient use of valuable resources leads to market and price advantages, resulting in market success for customers. Therefore, they are constantly seeking new innovative ideas and solutions for practical applications.


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