8000L – 3770 GOLIATH PACK

AUSTRALIAN OWNED and manufactured

8000L – 3770 GOLIATH

Producing unapologetic power, uncompromised performance, capability and capacity.

Hydro excavation safely excavates in situations where normal excavation machinery cannot be used. This non-destructive form of digging can remove almost any kind of surface without damaging existing infrastructures such as telecommunications, fibre optics, Telstra cables and underground power lines, as well as around and under concrete and driveways.

Common usage includes:

  • Bulk non-destructive digging / hydro excavations
  • Underground services and pipeline locations
  • Confined space excavation through over and under obstacles at distance, overhead at height or underground at basement level.
  • Mud and drill spoil recovery
  • Removal and excavation of slurries and thick sludge
  • Removal of solid and liquid waste
  • High pressure drain cleaning of storm water and sewer lines when fitted with the optional Jetter Unit (available in several capacity sizes)

Spoil Tank And Blower

  • 8000L spoil tank capacity (10mm thickness) – designed and certified to AS1210 – Class C
  • Jurop style locking system for spoil tank door
  • Jurop Helix 1200, high mercury, air injected – 3770cfm of 28’’ Hg
  • Butterfly travel and relief valves fitted for safety and compliance
  • Day (high) and night (low) option for blower operation


  • 4000L capacity – water tanks combined
  • Water tanks baffled for safety and stability
  • 2″ stainless steel water fill system with isolation taps
  • Water level sight indicators on both tanks
  • Comet TW8036 water pump – 32l/m at 3600psi
  • Heavy-duty hose reel complete with 25m 3/8 high-pressure water hose with quick release fittings (dual hose reels and pump options available)
  • Lances – 1500mm, 2100mm and flexi (0.90 Suttner nozzles)
  • High pressure Jetter options available in several capacity sizes


  • VTI full-length passenger side aluminum hose try storage – with tie-down points and straps for load containment
  • Unique VTI driver side storage box for tooling and equipment with integrated 3 lance holder box
  • Side intrusion bars with high visibility reflective tape
  • Starter and battery isolation switches with lockout facility. Emergency stops fitted in a key position on the tray
  • LED rotating lights and work lights fitted to the truck and spoil tank
  • Interlocks and warning alarms fitted to park brake, spoil tank, and boom
  • 20m x 4’ or 5’ polyurethane vacuum hose with fittings of choice
  • 9kg fire extinguisher with mounting bracket and notification decal
  • Full mine site compliant safety decals
  • Easy to clean baghouse and cyclone setup, accessible from the ground
  • Angled base on cyclone and baghouse for easy washout


  • PTO with piston pump and Omsi split shaft assembly
  • Danfos PVG32 proportional control valve
  • 170ltr oil tank with twin coolers
  • All cylinders fitted with over centre valves


  • Full hydraulic remote-controlled boom with 2 x lodar remotes
  • 6″ or 8″ boom suction hose options
  • Plugin boom pendant control for an override of boom functions
  • 2 x LED work lights mounted at the front of the boom (if fitted)


cab chassis options